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  • Cloud offers the opportunity to grow 19% faster
  • Cloud reduces the IT spending by 15%
  • Cloud gives 20% more impact in market

Organizations are experiencing the growth, are you?

Drive on the road to success, with incredibly flexible and highly functional Cloud based business model offered by BrainTechnix. As the dominant player, we are offering cutting edge Cloud Based Software Solutions in India that improve the levels of productivity and reduce the operational cost.

Leverage the innovation and get hold of the ability to make business decisions faster with our offered real time solutions. We have broadened our portfolio of web based software to render a complete solution to startups, small businesses along with large scale enterprises. Our offered Cloud computing services provide end to end solution your business needs to flourish. So make the call and let us prepare the trademark of success for you.

The Power of Cloud Computing

 Reports say Cloud Based Software Solutions in India are most requested at the present time.

Regardless of the size of the business, every entity is going towards Cloud computing. The attached goodness of shared resources and flexibility are making these Cloud bases solutions the unrivalled hero. Cloud integration can benefit every size and shape of businesses.

Lowered costs: Lesser infrastructure means less IT management.

  • Increased Mobility: Access it from anywhere, anytime, it’s on the Cloud.
  • Choice of deployment: You can pick the choice of Cloud server and architecture.
  • Time saving decisions: Fully based on Cloud means nothing to load, or update.
  • Green Credentials: Shared resources leave lesser impact on the environment too.

There are no additional costs; Clouds allows you to work virtually and collaboratively. The offered benefits clearly define the hype of Cloud based software solution in India, so what is holding you back? Call our experts and figure out your plan for Cloud right now.

BrainTechnix Cloud Solutions Meet your Needs on the Go

Enhancing the business of innovation with us is a real deal; as our subscriptions made us the affordable Cloud Based Software Design & Development Company in India. Our professionals are trained to endow your with quantifiable progress. Be it an ecommerce or retail expansion or any other business vertical, our team members are backed with hands on experience to cater your needs. Some of the top reasons to make BrainTechnix you success partner are listed below, do take a look.

  • Solutions by Industry: We know how to differentiate the scalability of ecommerce portals from that of mobile apps and games. Ours is the Top Cloud Based Software Design & Development Company in India that works with industry specific functionality.
  • Size really matters: We are not great fans of one size fits all approach. We believe, startups need a bit of acceleration on the infrastructure capacity whereas enterprises need flexibility Omni-channels for accessibility.
  • We value roles: No doubt, Cloud based software solutions will increase the efficiency, but our approach unlike others don’t just revolve around outputs. We work to underpin the jobs, and configure the solutions that address the specific needs whether its standalone management, integrated accessibility, or controller constraints of administrative. 
  • Up-to-the-minute Technology: Innovation is comprehensive and our Cloud experts are skilled to utilize it for the platform you look ahead to. We use the latest software that shrinks the operational costs and nurtures the business efficiency. 
  • Secure, Flexible, Hassle free and affordable: We know the importance of encryption for ecommerce platforms, and we also value the needs of flexibility of platform and device for startup companies. Therefore, we go an extra mile to bring forth the most convenient and cost effective solutions that need no updates and comes with round the clock support.

Solutions to Scale your Business

The proven game changer, Cloud, has made its way across the country. Thereby, we are geared up to garner the exacting requirements of diverse industrial verticals by creating bespoke Cloud based software solutions for ERP, retail management, accounting, human resource management, and lot more. Our quest to become the one stop destination for all your Cloud related queries equipped us to bring forth comprehensive solutions for Cloud. Our core services are:

  1. Consulting: Our team is expert in deepened analysis to anticipate the goals and requirements of your business. We provide consultation and make strategies for analytical deployment of our business specific Cloud solutions, which include assessment of workload, suitable Cloud technologies, and guidance for faster implementation. 
  1. Integration: Maximizing the values is our forte. We bring the forth the simplified Cloud integration services for making things faster. We offer data synchronization and data integration facilities to configure diverse applications for direct connectivity or via latest third party software on Cloud. 
  1. Administration: When you are dealing growing infrastructure, our Cloud experts have your back. We make sure that interactivity and usability of your control systems is running as smooth as it should be. 
  1. Support: Since you are conducting business via remote access, we are there to provide you elevated levels of round the clock support. Our Cloud experts provide exclusive technical and knowledge transfer benefits in terms of exceptional support for growth and maintenance of Cloud computing for your business. 
  1. Recovery: We are instrumental in offering backup and disaster recovery solutions par excellence. We have designed equitable and highly efficient infrastructure to back up your system data on remote servers.

Entities struggling with towered IT management costs and startups yearning for mobility will find quick resolution to every performance related problem on Cloud.

Owing to our years of domain expertise, we are the unrivalled choice for Cloud Based Software Design & Development Company in India. Choose our offered right mix of services and avail huge benefits at nominal price bands.